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My Name is Harsh and this is my story

Please watch the video below to know everything you need to about our efforts.
With the guidance of Prof. Gadre and couple of my friends we taught young kids and inculcated an interest in them about the physics behind everyday things. Now we want to bridge the internet divide with the help of the community.

All donations made here are exempt under U/S 12A and 80G of the I.T. Act 1961.
Make monetary donations here. See this video for more information. (English/ Hindi)

Give Donations

Help kids directly by recharging their phones, paying for refurbishing of the phones and the necessary accesories. Visit the link here to know more about how to help

Help us Inspire/ Be a Mentor

Help us make an impact; if you are the 'Peritus' to guide the kids, fill the form on the link above and we will contact you.

Become Volunteer

Being one of the most important collaborations we look for: to devote time teaching, brainstorming new ideas, or just helping us out in reaching the vision. We will match you to tasks under your expertise for your growth.


So here's what we want to achieve:

Since the pandemic, education has been impacted for worse...

Especially for those who cannot afford a smartphone even and this vicious cycle directly impacts how young kids end up in this country. We want to change it with a small step, through collaborations and public support, get SmartPhones to those who cannot afford it. This vision is largely dependant on collaboration and volunteering and so we expect support from you to acheive these deliverables to make it successful.

Quality Education

First and foremost making sure no compromise on education happens.

Technology for the good

Help develop curriculum for kids and using chatbots broadcasting knowledge at scale.

Food for freedom

Helping the kids realise the importance of being self dependant/ AatmaNirbhar and help realise the goal with collaborative activities over the web.

Meet our mentors and collaborators here.

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